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Visit Sri Lanka the Usha Lanka way

Usha Lanka Tours over 10 years of experience in the travel industry. we are providing unexpected highest standards service to our clients. Our experienced Usha Lanka Tours organize memorable holiday for you and visit Sri Lanka the “Usha Lanka way” and you will take back good memories of a truly Sri Lanka holiday.

Why Travel with USHA Lanka Tours

Tailor Made Tours
24/7 Emergency Help Center
Value for Money
Over 10 Years Industry Experience
Professional Tour Guide Service
Best Price Guaranteed
Carbon Neutral Vehicles Fleet
Risk Free Travel

About Sri Lanka

“Ayubowan” is the traditional greeting in sinhalese meaning “May you enjoy long life”.

“Ayubowan” Sri Lanka’s gentle gesture of welcome and respect. It is an age-old greeting of Our people, and the chance is you will be greeted this way. Where ever you happen to travel throughout the Island. 

Sri lanka is a amazing diversity of scenery Island. It brings you the white sand beaches, green paddy fields, ruined kingdoms, small lovely villages, wildlife sanctuaries, tropical jungles, and the hill country tea plantations, within hours of each other. Welcome to visit Sri Lanka with “Usha Lanka way” and enjoy the amazing tropical Island of South Asia.

Visit Sri Lanka with Usha Lanka Tours

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